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Episode 23: Paint Prep

Episode 23: Paint Prep And.....we're back! Hey guys, so sorry for the delay in new episodes over the last month or so. We've all been super busy throughout the start of the summer. RaceTech moving into new offices, Jarred & Brady working on new bikes, it all adds up.  So finally we're covering Paint Prep, a topic we've been asked about before.  Our paint guru Brady Young covers most of the steps for paint prep, and Jared and Evan bring up some good questions.  We also cover some recent emails and questions at the end. Prep notes for this show:

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Episode 22: 'How to Build a Cafe Racer Guide' Review

Episode 22: 'How to Build a Cafe Racer Guide' Review Awhile back, we posted this article after a listener told us about Jim March's "How to Build a Cafe Racer" guide. We skimmed through it, but never really went over it in detail or discussed it.  After we all read the document in depth we saw it had some really good points to discuss. Make sure to download the document below and follow along to the podcast with it. Jim March's Cafe Racer Guide (PDF) We'd like to mention that all credit for this document goes to Jim March. He definitely put alot of work into compiling all this information. In this show we are using his advice as talking points to discuss, and we are not criticizing him or saying he is wrong. You are listening to our opinions on his opinions! Jim has a link in his document to tip him if you found the document helpful, but the WePay link does not work any longer. His email is in the document and it sounds like he welcomes feedback. So, what do you think?

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Episode 21: All About Suspension w/ Ed Sorbo from Lindeman Engineering

  Episode 21: All About Suspension w/ Ed Sorbo from Lindeman Engineering If you're a couple episodes behind, you don't want to miss this one! We met Ed Sorbo, owner of Lindeman Engineering at Deus Ex Machina's Saturday School event in April. Ed had a booth at Saturday School and was leading excellent suspension seminars that drew a crowd every time.  We were very excited to have him join us on the show and talk in depth about suspension. Note: this is our first show recording a remote guest via Skype. There are a few sound quality issues due to our old computer hardware. We'll be upgrading soon to be able to record remote guests with much better quality. Make sure to contact Ed at Lindeman Engineering for any of your suspension needs! Make sure to tell him you heard his Motorbike Mondays episode. Lindemann Engineering 700 East Redlands Blvd. Ste U Box 410 Redlands, CA 92373 (909) 838-4587

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Episode 20: Top End Rebuilds Part 2

Episode 20: Top End Rebuilds Part 2 Episode 20 continues with Part 2 of our series on Top End Rebuilds. We pick up where we left off after describing disassembly of your motor to prepare for a top end rebuild. This episode covers the tools necessary to rebuild your top end and the steps to prepare your motor for final reassembly. It's recommended you have listened to Episode 19 before starting this show. Notes for this episode: Assembly Piston skirt scoring: Debris between cylinder and piston Motor ran hard before at operating temperature Rebore Will discuss next episode Pistons Thoroughly clean piston ring grooves, if using same pistons Install new piston rings in appropriate orientation While installing piston to connecting rod, be aware of piston orientation mark on top of piston Slide wrist pin through piston and connecting rod and insert wrist pin clip Deglazing/honing: Adding a surface for the new rings to break in Oil the cylinder wall thoroughly and tool With triton hone or ball hone on drill move tool up and down through cylinder at a constant quick motion Remove tool out of cylinder whilst still in motion Removing old gaskets: Gasket scraper Razorblade Scotchbrite pad on

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Episode 19: Top End Rebuilds Part 1

Episode 19: Top End Rebuilds Part 1 Episode 19 is part 1 in our series about rebuilding the top end of your motor. This episode will cover disassembly of your top end, and goes over the important components of the motor top end as well. Make sure to listen to Part 1 before moving onto the new Episode 20, part 2 of Top End Rebuilds. Check out the notes below for the important points to follow. Episode 19 Outline/Notes: What is a Top End? The top end of a motor is anything from the cylinders and up Why? To replace worn or damaged parts Performance upgrades Burning oil She's just tired Engine in or out? Not all bikes require you to remove the motor from the bike May be easier to rebuild it on a workbench Where to start? Remove gas tank Remove air intake and carburetors Remove exhaust Remove cables (clutch cable, tach cable) Drain fluids (oil, coolant) Disconnect battery Remove spark plugs and wires If it's connected to the motor, disconnect or remove it Removing the head: Check manual for proper process to relieve pressure off of valve train Remove cam(s), rockers, or cam followers Remove head bolts/nuts Remove heads Removing valve springs and valves: With the appropriate valve sprin

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Episode 16: All About Triumphs

Jon_1951_T110 (2)

Episode 16: All About Triumphs

NOTE: Massive apology to Trophy Motorcycles in San Diego about the confusion caused in this episode. This episode now has a section edited out consisting of a rant by Evan (after a few beers) about a bad experience years ago at a local shop, mistaking their name with the amazing Trophy Motorcycles.  Evan & Motorbike Mondays has nothing but  great things to say about Trophy, and highly recommend them. The original comments have been removed from the episode, as they are really irrelevant to the Triumph discussion at hand. Sorry guys, it can be very easy to say dumb things with a microphone in your face, please accept this humble apology!

Hey MM’ers, whats going on!? We’ve got an awesome episode for you this week.  You all know we normally focus on Japanese bikes. We figured it was time to get some details on Triumphs, so we invited some friends over to help.  Episode 16 features Jon & Dom from Close Fabrication.  Both guys have extensive knowledge of vintage Triumphs, and we go into some detail learning about the models, engines, frames and more. If you’ve been looking to learn more about Triumphs, you don’t want to miss this episode!  Post up any comments or questions you have about Triumphs here and we will have Jon & Dom answer them for you.

We mention some bikes the guys have built, and here are pictures and info on them:

Jon’s 1951 Triumph T110
Stock front loop,
Rear is 2″ drop 3″ stretch from stock
21″ front wheel 19″ rear
Stock tank narrowed 2″
Leaf spring seat

Jon_1951_T110 (5)

Jon_1951_T110 (4)

Jon_1951_T110 (3)

Jon_1951_T110 (2)

Jon_1951_T110 (1)

Dom’s 1966 Triumph T100

I’ll have Dom update soon with details on this build. This bike was a show winner, and has lots of custom Close Fab machined pieces.

Dom_Triumph (2)

Dom_Triumph (1)

Dom-1966_T100 (6)

Dom-1966_T100 (7)

Dom-1966_T100 (8)

Dom-1966_T100 (9)

Dom-1966_T100 (10)

Dom-1966_T100 (11)

Dom-1966_T100 (12)

Dom-1966_T100 (13)

Dom-1966_T100 (1)

Dom-1966_T100 (2)

Dom-1966_T100 (3)

Dom-1966_T100 (4)

Dom-1966_T100 (5)

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